Thursday, 10 April 2014

roman holiday

In May of 2013 I took a trip to Rome to see my dearest friend James (often referred to as 'Brycey',and even occasionally as 'Hummus', but that's a long story). He was living there for a few months and I counted down the days until I could go out and visit him. I thought this would be a suitable post to begin my blog with, as why not start as I mean to go on, by sharing with you my travels. Although this trip was taken many moons ago, it remains a fond and magical memory which I cherish. This first picture was taken in the small lakeside town of Bracciano; a twenty mile train ride from Rome. It was an experience which is difficult to put into words so I shall let the photographs I took do the talking. All I will say is, it was so utterly charming and otherworldly, with winding cobbled streets and a lake that would make the Lombardy region blush. If you are ever in Rome when the sun is shining, take a trip here; you won't regret it.

Rome in black and white is simply beautiful, it seems to fit the city like an elegant glove. We spent much time gallivanting around, drinking black coffee, eating pastries, rummaging through the famous flea market and dancing through the sun drenched streets (although by the end of the first day I certainly wasn't dancing as my little ankles had swollen to roughly three times their original size and my feet were so blistered that James had to practically carry me around. Although I had decided to wear a pair of 1920s heels the previous night so it was very much my own fault!)

Our evenings in Rome were wild; the first of which saw us ending the night dancing in a fountain in nothing but our smalls!

Grazie, Roma. Ciao!

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