Saturday, 26 April 2014

blitzing birthday

For my Birthday this year I went to a 1940s themed club in Shoreditch called Blitz Party. I had been once before, for my 18th, and both times it was a blast! This time I went with my good friend Amy, who I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot of.
My sister kindly lent us her house as she was away for the weekend, so we had the luxury of a free night in London and hours upon hours to preen and pamper ourselves. However despite having such a long time to get ready, we were still running out of the house panting apologetically at the patient taxi man, whilst pulling up our stockings, shoving out feet into vintage heels and flinging our furs around our shoulders, all in a mist of perfume and hairspray.

The club is wonderful, it's held in The Village Underground; a vast expanse of high ceilings and red brick with the feel of a genuine wartime bunker. As you walk in, greeted by a live swing band and a sea of beautifully dressed people, it's impossible not to feel as though you have traveled back in time. The night kicks off with the haunting air raid siren which turns your blood a little cold, but then the party begins! The bunker is lit with a sultry orange glow and every corner and crevice of the place is crowded with people laughing and sipping cocktails. There is an overwhelmingly lovely atmosphere in the club, everyone is warm and friendly and smiling. I suppose it's because when you are inside, you feel as though you have taken a private trip back in time, together with everyone else in the bunker, leaving the outside world behind.

Beautiful Amy.

Horribly bright flash I know, but I was proud of my hair!

This photo was take by a kind stranger on Amy's camera, I just had to include it as it was the only photograph of the two of us and we hadn't started on the cocktails at this point so we were still holding it together pretty well!

Thank you Blitz Party, we had a rip-roaring time darling!

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